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About Me

I create not just for myself, but also in service to others.

I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.

Marie Curie

Hello! My name is Renée. Thank you for taking interest in my work, but before we dive in, allow me to tell you all there is to know about me as an artist and person.

Ever since I can remember, I've been writing and getting my hands dirty with everything from charcoal to paint. My first experience seriously writing was in kindergarten when I tried to write a full novel about a war between humans and fairies, but alas, my young attention span couldn't suffer finishing it. Now, I focus my energy on poetry, short stories, and- yes- another novel. However, since I'm an adult, I'll surely finish the last of the list!

My very first publication was "Grendel- The Hero," a poem which critiques the modern takes on the Beowulf story while navigating the aftermath of my mother's passing from non-smoker's carcinoma. It's only fitting that this was the first of my publications, as she was the one who taught me to write. Since then, my short story entitled "Our Fondest Memory" is published in issue number 134 of G-Fan Magazine.

In my personal life, I enjoy being with friends- especially if an arcade is involved. I'm far too attached to my Nintendo Switch (my favorite games include both installments of the Ori franchise, if you were curious). I have a giant Boz Shepherd named Hera who is sassy beyond your wildest dreams, and when you don't catch me playing video games, writing, or creating art, you can find me walking her.